Qualities to Look for in a Good Pit Bull Breeder

If you want to find the best Pit Bull puppy, you need to find a good Pit Bull breeder and this is what this article is all about. If you visit a Pit Bull breeder, make sure to ask questions since many people don’t and this is the most important things to do when speaking to different breeders. So if you really want to buy a pit bull puppy, there are questions and important things to consider below that you should looking for when doing business with a breeder.

It is important for your to find out if the pit bull breeder you are going to get your puppy from has no other breeds that he is selling. If this is the case then it might not be the ideal place to purchase your Pit Bull puppies. It is best to buy the specific breed of pit bull puppies that you want from a breeder that specializes only in that kind of breed and nothing else.

You can tell a responsible Pit Bull breeder because he will openly speak of the negative characteristics and health issues of the breeding line. He sees to it that something is done to improve this negative aspect of the dog’s traits in his breeding processes.

When good breeders talk to their customers he makes them understand the process of choosing a dog to breed. You would be informed by the breeder what negative characteristics he is trying to eliminate from the breed.

One questions you should ask the breeder is the frequency of having litters of puppies. This is important because a good breeder does not allow continuous breeding and they only have a few litters each year.

Ask the breeder if he is involved in organizations or dog associations or is he just a dog breeder.

Another thing you want to find out is if he keeps in touch with the people who have bought puppies from him. If the breeder follows up or checks on the puppies he has sold, then he is a good breeder. You can tell if a person is not a good breeder because he does concern himself anymore with the puppies that he already sold.

Where he keeps his puppies before they are sold is one thing you also need to find out. You want puppies that are well socialized.

Other qualities of a good breeder include the following.

All his dogs are healthy and well groomed.

He knows the breed well and researches genetics when selecting a breeding pair.

It is not really for profit that he breeds dogs but it is to improve the dog, the line and the breed.

His puppies are sold with contract.

When the owners can no longer take care of the puppies, he requires them to return the puppies to him.

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